The Project

A vibrant neighbourhood

The London Borough of Barnet (LBB) – in partnership with Barratt Metropolitan LLP – are delivering the long-promised regeneration of the entire West Hendon Estate.

The regeneration of the West Hendon Estate will transform what is today an unappealing group of buildings and disconnected external spaces into a thriving and cohesive neighbourhood.

Three aims drive this vision:

Make an enjoyable place to live


Integrating the new neighbourhood with its surrounding context will create enjoyable places to live where people want to stay, by providing significant benefits including public parks, play spaces and community facilities.

The development creates new routes to link existing public open spaces and streets around the site. Those moving to the homes will bring valuable custom to support and sustain local business on the A5 West Hendon Broadway.

This will help build a vibrant and sustainable community.

Re-establish connections


The redevelopment of the West Hendon Estate offers the opportunity to re- establish a clear visual connection between the site and the Welsh Harp, whilst respecting its important ecology.

The proximity of rail and bus services means that the site is well connected to other parts of Barnet and central London. This accessibility, when considered in combination with the potential to improve the route to Hendon Station, makes the site suitable for a new high-density residential community.

Create a distinct part of London


The proposed new homes, together with the generous public parks, new primary school, community centre, pedestrian bridge, links to Metropolitan open space and high-quality architecture will build upon the early phases of the regeneration already completed by BMLLP.

This integrated approach to regeneration will transform the West Hendon Estate into a thriving and sustainable neighbourhood, which is integral to London but with its own distinct character related to its urban and natural setting adjacent to the Welsh Harp.

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