The Planning Process


Barratt Metropolitan LLP was granted an outline planning consent by Barnet Council for the regeneration of the estate in 2013.

The consent is a “Hybrid Planning consent” for the demolition and redevelopment of the West Hendon Estate to accommodate up to 2,000 residential units, a new two form entry primary school, community building and commercial uses and associated open space and infrastructure.

The plans for the first 216 homes (Phase 3A) were also approved at the same time.

Detailed plans for the next 298 homes and new retail premises (Phases 3b and 3c) were approved in March 2015.

You can read and download all the planning application documents by clicking here



Consultation around the regeneration of the West Hendon Estate began in 2002.

The inaugural meeting of the Resident Regeneration Group (RRG) took place that year following soon after Barnet Council selected its preferred development partner.  The RRG continues to run in 2021, although is now rebadged as the West Hendon Partnership Board.

This group, facilitated by an Independent Adviser, is open to all residents of the West Hendon Estate.

This page will advertise upcoming consultation events.

Consultation on regeneration masterplan


Key stakeholders were kept informed of the status of the project since 2008, and the development team met with ward members and the RRG early in 2012 to reiterate its commitment to delivering a new masterplan for the estate and to outline its plans for public consultation.

Community Engagement around the Outline Planning Application was carried out in two stages:

Stage One was carried out at an early stage of the design process. Residents and stakeholders’ views were sought to inform the masterplan so that any ideas or concerns people had about the emerging plans could be fed back to the design team. Meetings and a public consultation event were held to collect views and explain the design team’s emerging ideas.

Stage Two was delivered prior to submission of this planning application and culminated in a public exhibition held in December. Full details of the planning application were displayed over two days so that residents could understand the proposals prior to being consulted as part of LBB’s statutory consultation.

The West Hendon Partnership board, which has replaced the RRG, is now advising BMLLP on the best way to consult with residents on current and future planning applications.

Phase 4-6


The outline plans for Phases 3 – 6 were approved as part of the wider regeneration masterplan in 2013, (Phases 1 and 2 were approved under a previous application). The outline consent established the parameters for each phase, such as the number and types of homes being built, height and associated public realm.

However as the project progresses, detailed plans for each phase must be approved by the planning authority. This is called a ‘reserved matters application’ whereby the reserved details such as appearance, landscaping and access to the buildings are drawn up. All reserved matter have now been submitted and approved by Barnet Council.

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