Secure Tenants

All existing Barnet Council secure tenants will be offered a new build home on the estate on a phased basis as the scheme is developed.

The size/space of new homes


The new homes for existing secure tenants will be built to the Mayor’s London Housing Design Guidelines and will be at least as large as the existing homes.

You will be offered a newly built home on West Hendon with the same number of bedrooms and usable floor space as your current home or more if your housing need requires. If you would prefer to move to a smaller home this option will be considered.



As an existing tenant who is being asked to move you have a statutory entitlement to a payment for the loss of your current home (as of 1st October 2014 £4,900) as well as a disturbance payment to reimburse you for the reasonable actual costs of moving.



Rents on new homes in West Hendon will be set at the ‘Target Rent’ for new homes. The Target Rent formula is set by the government and is based on the relative value of the new home and relative local wages/salaries.

Future increases in rents will be uplifted in April each year in line with government guidelines.

Moving to your new home


A dedicated housing team will work with you to ensure your housing needs are met. We will arrange a removals contractor for your move. All reasonable costs as a result of your move will be paid including redirecting your mail, reconnecting your phone, and disconnecting and reconnecting your appliances. You have a statutory entitlement to home loss compensation (as of 1st October 2014 £4,900)

If you accept a tenancy in a new home constructed at West Hendon you will have the choice to become a tenant of Metropolitan or retain your Council tenancy. Whichever you choose, your home will be managed by Metropolitan including the payment of rent and responsibility for repairs.

If you accept a tenancy from Metropolitan in West Hendon you will have the preserved Right to Buy your new home.

Where possible you will be offered a newly built home that will allow you to move directly from your existing home.

Where this is not possible we will ask you to move on an interim basis until your new build home is ready.

When moving to a new build phase at West Hendon you will be asked for your preference of eligible properties. Where possible these will include properties at a variety of storey heights; allocations will then be made in line with the West Hendon Allocations Protocol.

Car parking will be provided in line with the planning consent, with 0.8 spaces provided per residential property across the estate; in other words there will be 8 spaces for every 10 homes.

Ground 10a


To ensure that all properties will be vacant by the required demolition dates, the Council has received consent from the Secretary of State to use Ground 10a for possession. These powers will only be used as a last resort if secure tenants do not agree to move by the required date.

If you would like to discuss the moving process for secure tenants please contact Sheila Morcombe at Metropolitan on 020 3535 4250.


Who to contact