Regeneration mythbuster


Regeneration projects are very complex. There are lots of people living on the estate in many different circumstances and lots of things going on at once; people live busy lives and do not always have access to the information available.

As a result, rumours build up around particular issues. Some of the biggest myths about the regeneration project are explained here:

“Tenants are currently being evicted”


This is not true. Residents have received Notice of Possession proceedings but this does not carry a date of eviction. It allows the council to start planning to move residents to support the regeneration scheme.

Residents are able to engage with Barnet Homes either to find new homes on the estate or to move to another property.


“There wasn’t any consultation carried out”


All residents have had the opportunity to comment and/or object to planning applications made between 2006 and 2013.

The development team has met regularly with the Residents’ Regeneration Group (now called the Partnership Board) and in 2012 / 13 more than 5,000 residents on the estate were invited to two public consultation events on the new masterplan for the regeneration.

Further to this, everyone has been provided with access to a website and community hotline, both of which are still available.


“Residents in the next phase are being moved to a roundabout”


They are not. Residents will be moving into new homes in two separate blocks. The first block is for secure tenants and this is alongside the gyratory system as this was the first land available for early development (it was previously a car park).

This will change when the road system is opened up by the redevelopment and transformed into a more traditional grid network of new roads. Residents moving to this block will only have to move once.

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