Construction Overview



The Barratt London team put as much care into building relationships with existing residents as they do with building high quality buildings.

The Barratt team, where possible, gives as much notice to residents regarding potential issues arising from site activities as can reasonably be given and seeks to provide clarity and advanced warning of any works that may affect the surrounding community.

Considerate Constructors


Barratt London is part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which is an independent inspecting authority aimed at improving the working practices of the construction industry, helping to facilitate better relations between sites and the local community.

Barratt take care to meet its guidelines around site Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and Workforce. The construction site is kept secure and security controlled to ensure that people do not enter the site without permission and potentially hurt themselves.

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Working on site


Barratt London’s details are displayed on site hoarding to encourage people to call should they have any concerns.

Employment opportunities, job advertisements and skills training opportunities are made available to all residents wherever possible. This includes jobs associated with the construction of the project, along with employment opportunities associated with the operational phase of the site.

Who to contact