West Hendon Community Trust Fund

Community Trust Fund


What is the Community Trust Fund?

The fund has been set up by Metropolitan Valley Thames (MTVH) to encourage and support the delivery of community projects and causes at West Hendon over the coming years.

Projects can range from youth activities to education and training and to career advice. Any community group, tenant group or business in the area can apply for funding.

The fund is managed by a group of trustees – members of the local community and representatives of the development partners. They will consider each community application and decide which ones to support.

How can I get involved as a Trustee?

The quota for the organizational and Council contributions has been met. Any vacant Resident Trustee positions will be detailed here. Our Resident Trustees are vital to the work we do, providing guidance to ensure the Trust Fund’s work benefits the West Hendon community.

For more information, please call Dawn on 020 3535 3368 or send an email to whctf@mtvh.co.uk

How can I apply for funding?

The Community Trust Fund is open to all residents and groups on the estate to apply for funding in order to deliver community projects and activities in West Hendon.

Applications can be made at any time. The Trustees review bids twice a year before allocating funding to the successful applicants.

To apply, download and fill in the application form relevant to you. The forms can be found at the bottom of this page. There is one application form for individuals to fill in and another for organisations.

Please also download a copy of the ‘funding criteria and guidelines’  which will give you more information and guidance on how to make your application. A copy of this can be found below.

To find out more information, please contact Dawn McCalla Hunte at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH):

E: whctf@mtvh.co.uk.

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