Additional Contact Details

For Housing and Repair matters for all MTVH tenants and Barnet Council tenants in the new West Hendon Properties:

Hussain’s role includes managing issues in relation to tenancy agreements, assisting with ASB complaints and providing guidance in sustaining your tenancy. Please contact him via our Customer Team on 020 3535 3535 or or

If you are an MTVH or Barnet Council Tenant and you need to report a repair inside your property

You can report a repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you contact us, please be ready to provide as much detail as you can about the repair and its location. We aim to deal with repairs as soon as possible – or within 24 hours for emergency cases. The quickest and easiest way to report a repair is through

Heating and Hot Water


If you have an issue with your heating or hot water, please contact EON Customer Services Team in the first instance on 0345 302 4312, they will carry out a diagnosis over the phone to assess whether the issue relates to the communal heating or within your property.

If the issue is within your property:

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing and Barnet Council tenants should ring MTVH Customer Services on 0203 535 3535, alternatively you can report repairs via email – Other residents/leaseholders will need to source their own contractors to rectify.

If you do not know how to use your heating and hot water system, please contact:

EON Customer Services Team in the first instance on 0345 302 4312. MTVH Tenants and Barnet Council Tenants can call the customer services team/ repairs team on 0203 535 3535 or via If tenants wish to speak to their Housing Officer or Repairs Officer, they can call the contact centre on 0203 535 3535.

If you live in Marriotts Close, please contact your energy supplier directly. If you purchased your home from Barratt London, please contact Customer Care on 0208 326 7157.

Communal area issues


Please contact First Port regarding any communal area issues:

First Port
Salvatore Scozzaro – Development Manager

T: 079 1833 9432

Danut Bodros Jr – Assistant Development Manager

T: 078 5051 7471

Waste Collection

Large or bulky waste items can also be collected for a fee from outside your property. Please visit the Council website or telephone Street Based Services on 020 8359 4600 for more information